Custom Designed Homes

Does a custom designed home cost more to build?

The builders will have you believe that it is more expensive to build a custom designed home, rather than to build one of their plans but it isn’t. Providing that the design is done well enough to suit your budget and block, the pricing is the same across the board.

 A builder with the right expert internal designer will get this right for you and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, in fact it won’t cost you more it is the same price.

 The reason a builder will have you believe that it is more expensive to build a custom designed home is because those builders have pre priced plans and pricing agreements with their trades persons and suppliers for the said plans for 6 – 12 month periods, they prefer to cookie cut. The key is choosing the right builder upfront.

 If you visit the display villages the chances are you won’t find a reasonably priced custom builder as they carry the cost of the display house and marketing that goes along with it. There are thousands of builders out there so you need a trusted independent source to assist you with identifying the right builder, and that is why Builder Brokers exists. At Builder Brokers, we have the data and experience to better understand how to find you the right builder.

 With access to over 100 of Australia’s leading builders, we will provide you with several options to choose from, meet and interview, check out their previous work and speak with customers that they’ve built for previously.

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