Building Contracts

Signing a building contract will be one of the largest and most important decisions that you will ever make, so getting it right is paramount. When it comes to builders, there are thousands to choose from which can be confusing - and we’ve all heard the stories.

With so many options available, different marketing methods and most importantly each builder specialising in different build methods (although they’ll have you think otherwise) it is almost impossible to identify which is the most suited builder for you. Here’s some comforting news, Builder Brokers take the hard work out of selecting the right builder.

Builder Brokers have a trusted source of specialised builders, some of which we’ve worked with for 10 years now, including some of Queensland’s leading Award Winning Builders. Whether it is your first home, minor or major renovation, high end custom house or townhouse or unit development, Builder Brokers can assist.

So you can relax because the good news is that the we will only introduce builders to you, that can meet your budget and criteria, and that’s why the business exists. We’re completely consumer focused delivering outcomes that create the most enjoyable experience and most importantly a solution that fits.

Talk to us today, we’ll meet you at a time and place that’s convenient for you. Whether that’s at home, at work, at our office, or even at your local café. The team at Builder Brokers is independent of the builders and is on your side.

Contact 1800 1 BUILD to speak with one of the team about how Builder Brokers can help you.