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Thinking of building your dream home but put off by the thought of having to deal with all the logistics? Building a home is a dream for many, but can turn into a nightmare given all the stress involved in sourcing finance, appointing builders and getting plans approved; amongst many other practicalities. In fact, if you are building from scratch finding a block is often the easiest aspect of the whole process.

Builder Brokers may be just the answer, and are a service that has evolved to take care of these practical aspects of the process for their clients. Besides the obvious time savings you also get the brokers experience, expert advice as well as potential savings that they have negotiated with the builder.

Builder Broker Benefits

There are numerous benefits to using the services of a professional Builder Broker, including:

  • Building brokers often have in-house designers who can help you design your home 

  • Sourcing the right builder to suit your needs and budget 

  • Maximising the potential of your block with an appropriate design 

  • Organising quotes from selected quality builders 

  • Saving you money by dealing directly with builders 

  • Having access to a range of quality builders 

Professional Builder Brokers

Builder Brokers offer a free service to help clients who are looking to build to get the right design and builder for their block, and are the only brokers who offer this ‘no strings attached’ service to their clients.

Besides this they offer a number of other allied services, including:

  • Free tendering 

  • Independent Builder offer reviews

  • Building finance options

  • Great client advocacy

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Using A Builder Broker

Last Updated Sep 14, 2018 · Written by Craig Gibson · 2 min read