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Brisbane’s number one new home building brokers

Builder Brokers are Brisbane’s number one new home building brokers.

We offer a range of building brokerage services to suit all building requirements.

Our services include:

Residential building brokers service

Have a block of land and want to build a custom home?

Our new home building brokers service is our signature service and is designed to make the entire process of building a custom home super easy.

Not only do we find you the best builder for your new home build, drawing from our database of over 600+ builders, we also guide you through the details making sure you are not making common mistakes that are going to cost you both time and money.

Our new home building brokers service is 100% free for you.

And we guarantee you an independent and unbiased service. The builders we recommend are based on who is best for your project and the advice we provide is offered specifically to benefit you, your outcome and your building experience.

Our building broker service for residential new home builds include:

property investing building broker

Small and large scale developments, building broker service

Builder Brokers 18001BUILD Development Commercial

Want to do more with your land than simply build a home?

Builder Brokers offer building broker services to landowners and developers who want to turn their block of land into more.

Among our panel of 600+ builders, we have large scale and commercial builders who are equipped to handle any development, no matter how big or how small.

Builder Brokers can work with you from day one to finalise your plans, optimise the build on your land and liaise with all parties to ensure a smooth and seamless build.

Our building broker service for small and large scale developments include:

Land sourcing service

Still looking for the missing pieces to your build puzzle? Builder Brokers offers a referral service to help you connect the dots and get your construction project off the ground. As well as a database of over 600 builders, Builder Brokers have strong connections and referral partners across all areas of the building and construction industry. Alongside builders, our referral partners include:
Land sourcing brisbane

Referral service

Building Broker Referral Service

Both yourself and your Builder Broker relationship manager will sit down to discuss the builders and the quotes they have provided. We will provide both expert knowledge and building advice specific to your project and answer any further questions you have at this time.

We work on your behalf throughout the entire project; however, you are in control the whole time and will have the final say on all aspects, including the builder to build your home.

Looking for a new home building broker, then look no further than Builder Brokers

Get in touch and let’s talk about the building broker services you require and how you can have one of our new home building brokers working with you today.

Call us on 1800 1 BUILD (1800 128 453) to book in for a free consultation today.