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About new home Building Brokers Brisbane

What are new home building brokers?

We answer our most frequently asked questions about all things building and how Builder Brokers operates.

Just like a mortgage broker, building brokers work for you to get the best price and package for your building project.

Building brokers are an independent and unbiased advisory service that assesses your build criteria and matches your project with the ideal builder.

A building brokerage service works on your behalf through all stages of building your home, making sure you are avoiding common pitfalls associated with the building process and ensuring your build runs smoothly and efficiently.

As a building broker

  • We make sure all your plans, specifications and approvals are in order.
  • We speak to our network of builders on your behalf.
  • We advocate and negotiate to make sure you are getting the best price and the best conditions for your build.
  • And we stand beside you and support you for the entire duration of your build.

There are many benefits to using a building broker. Ultimately a new home building broker will take all the stress, worry and frustration out of building your home.

You would use a building broker if you want to build a home but you…

  • Don’t have the experience of building
  • Don’t have the patience to manage the process of building
  • Don’t have the time to kick start your project and keep it moving
  • Are worried about making costly mistakes
  • Are not confident enough to source and select the right builder
  • Would prefer to speak to just one person instead of many
  • Would like someone to just take care of it all for you

A building broker can also save you a considerable amount of money on your build contract. As a guide, Builder Brokers saves our clients on average $18,000 per contract and up to $90,000 in some instances.

Using a building broker is completely free for you, the client. That’s right, you pay nothing to use our services. Just like a mortgage broker, we get paid directly from the builder. And, just like a mortgage broker, while our fees from the builder may vary slightly, they do not impact our decision on which builder we put forward for your project.

Each building brokerage service will have a different number of builders that they work directly with. As Brisbane’s original and most established building brokerage service, we have more than 600 builders on our panel that provides specialist building services spanning Townsville to the north and as far south as Adelaide.

As qualified and experienced new home building brokers, we have honed our skills for over 20 years and have strong systems and processes in place to ensure we are selecting the right builders to have on our panel and to put forward for your project.

Some of the factors we take into consideration when assessing a builder include:

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Reliability
  • Insurance Checks
  • Quality of previous projects
  • QBCC Licence Searches
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Fair pricing
  • Time efficiency
  • Strong working relationships
  • Financial stability

Not all builders are going to be suitable for all projects. This is where the skills and experience of a building broker can save you time, money and the headache of trying to weed out the right builder for you.

As qualified and experienced new home building brokers, we have honed our skills for over 20 years and have strong systems and processes in place to ensure we are selecting the right builders to put forward for your project.

Not all builders are going to be suitable for all projects. We consider all elements of your project and apply a process of elimination to create a shortlist of 1 to 3 builders that we believe will be a good fit for your project.

From there, we sit down with you and go through the details of each builder and give you the final say in which builder you want to work with.

Like all professional services, finding the right fit for you is important to ensuring your experience is as easy as possible.

When choosing a building broker consider the following factors:

  • How established are they? Builder Brokers have been established in Brisbane since 2016
  • How experienced are they? Builder Brokers have been working within the industry for over 20 years
  • How many builders do they work with? Builder Brokers have over 600 builders on our books
  • How do they operate? Builder Brokers have a strong process in place to make sure your build journey is as smooth and as stress free as possible

Builder Brokers have completed in excess of $400 million dollar worth of projects and have had the pleasure of seeing many homeowners, developers and builders working together to achieve amazing results with building projects all across Brisbane.

Why not give us a call and let’s see if we are a good fit for each other.

Not at all. Building Brokers are your advocate and source of building knowledge for each and every stage of the building process.

We can help you…

  • Source land
  • Prepare plans
  • Gather specifications and other documents for building approval
  • Liaise directly with engineers and other building professionals to achieve the best possible outcome for your project
  • Connect you with finance partners for you to source finance
  • Liaise with town planners and governing bodies to keep your project moving
  • Plus a whole lot more

Absolutely a building broker can work on other projects. While new and custom home builds are our bread and butter, we do often work on other development projects as well.

At Builder Brokers we have worked on…

  • Custom home builds
  • Splitter blocks
  • Townhouses
  • Villas
  • Multi-residential dwellings
  • Child care centres
  • Medical centres
  • Industrial developments
  • Retail developments

There is no project too small or too big that we cannot assist you with.

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