Building Broker Brisbane - Our Process

We have refined our processes to deliver to a highest standard

With thousands of successful projects under our belt as Brisbane’s leading building broker, we have refined our processes to deliver the highest standards.

Our process involves:

Step One - Consultation

Once you’ve booked your free consultation, your relationship manager will be in touch to arrange a meeting. This is where we sit down and discuss all your building requirements. We will go through your budget, your project details and answer all the questions you have about building your home. We will also talk about what our services entail and explain in detail what you can expect at each and every step of the process. Even developers found the process tedious. Why couldn’t there be a brokerage service, just like lending but for builders?  
Consultation with building broker
Builder shortlist - New home Building brokers

Step Two - Builder review and shortlist

From our initial consultation, our team takes all your information, runs everything through our detailed analysis process and draws a select number of builders from our 600+ strong panel of builders that we think will be a good fit for your project.

Our builders are shortlisted based on their speciality, services and location to ensure that no time is wasted getting you the best pricing and conditions.

Step Three - Builder connect

Once we have spoken directly with the select builders, provided your budget and outlined your project criteria, the builder will contact you direct to discuss your project further and compile a cost estimate for your build. Don’t worry, we are with you the entire time and will guide you through the process.
Builder introduction - Builder Brokers
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Step Four - Builder select

Both yourself and your Builder Broker relationship manager will sit down to discuss the builders and the quotes they have provided. We will provide both expert knowledge and building advice specific to your project and answer any further questions you have at this time.

We work on your behalf throughout the entire project; however, you are in control the whole time and will have the final say on all aspects, including the builder to build your home.

Step Five - Contract and finance

Your chosen builder will prepare a build contract for you to review and sign.

At this stage, we will also work together to bring all your construction documentation together and submit your paperwork for finance approval.

We have finance partners you can draw from or work with your own financier.

Building Contract - Building Broker

Step Six - Construction commences

With the contract signing now complete, your applications are submitted for building approval and construction commences on your home. Builder Brokers will be alongside you as your project build takes place ensuring you are confident and comfortable and that everything is running smoothly. We are also available at any time to answer your questions or concerns about your build.

Step Seven - Home satisfaction

Construction is complete. Your home is built and the keys are in your hot little hand. All that’s left to do is to move in and enjoy everything your new home has to offer.
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